Not just a Rehearsal Studio

You have to do the work.

Note- to-Self. The fact is you just have to do the work. There is no easy way, there are no shortcuts. You have to put in the practice. You have to spend time figuring it out. Reading, being in the stuff, not being outside commenting on it but being in it, doing it, physically going thru the motions and figuring it out. It’s this way with anything in life that you want to be good at. In this case you want to be a performer, artist, songwriter, composer, you fill in the blank. You have to put in the work.  Its only a dream until you actually do the work.  Once you start doing it you then start becoming it and then it becomes a reality. Doing it means your going to have to allocate more time towards it. Einstein said “match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.” If you want to be a paid performer then you have to put in the work and saturate yourself in that environment, surrounding yourself with other like minded musicians. The music snobbery and “you think your better than”, all of that thinking has to go away. Become a person who’s trying to make it better for not just yourself but for everyone else.

Getting better starts in your mind.

You have to get your mind right and prepare your body, physically. There will be obstacles, there will be struggles both mentally and physically. That daily grind of an 8-5 or 7-4 your working to pay the bills is a good thing but it can wear you out mentally and physically before you even get started rehearsing. Add in being married and having young kids and now your talking about rehearsing at 9 or 10 at night after the kids are down. Your not going to the studio straight from work. Your going home first to be “dad” and to be present for the ones that love and need you the most. Get your mind right, get your body right.

Get more than just a rehearsal room.

At Sonic Rehearsal Studios your getting more than just a sound proof rehearsal room. Your getting a professional environment filled with like minded musicians who are striving for the same thing you are. Some are just getting started on making their dream a reality,  some are already producing good income by performing or writing music. Sonic recognizes as an artist it’s a whole lot more than that.  Performing is an extension of your being. Its who you are. Its not something you can get away from or get to turn off, it just is.  Its what you are. You are supposed to be playing music. We offer more than just a rehearsal studio. We offer an environment where you can exercise that artistic piece of yourself that is hard to find when your worried about “can the neighbors hear me”, “am I keeping my wife up”, “did I wake my kids up”? These rehearsal spaces allow you to get in the zone so you can experience the artistic freedom that you need to bring the very best out of you and your band.

How was Sonic Rehearsal Studios born?

I needed a rehearsal studio because I wanted to make a live recording. At that time I could not find a place large enough to facilitate all of the people needed to make the recording.  I already had a recording studio in my back yard but it didn’t have enough capacity. I certainly couldn’t cool the place down in the middle of August. That’s when I got to thinking about building my own rehearsal studio.

Getting started.

Im at my best performance wise when I’m rehearsing consistently. Regardless if the other band-mates cant make it, you still have access to your room and facility. Get inside a place that’s going to hold you and hold that artistic freedom that you need to tap into and become the very best you can be.  Contact us today – Fuzzy