Music Rehearsal Rooms

Sonic Rehearsal Studios is the newest venue offering music rehearsal rooms in Houston, TX.  Founded by Producer Jason “Fuzzy” Jackson.

Sonic Rehearsal Studios offers safe and secure, climate controlled, soundproofed rehearsal rooms to meet your music rehearsal rooms need.  We cater to Bands, Artists, DJ’s, Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Teachers and Music Producers. To support the highest quality music rehearsal rooms, these first class rooms were designed by our own in house engineer/Music producer Jason “Fuzzy” Jackson.


Security is our top priority. Our property has gated access and our music rehearsal rooms have key-less entry door locks and are monitored 24/7.  Sonic Rehearsal Studios offers Covered, quick and easy loading and offloading. You will never load in the rain again or waste another minute offloading after that late-night gig. Whether you are just starting out or passing thru town, from overnight bus parking to hosting your own release party it is our mission to acknowledge your talents and create environments where ideas become reality.

After years of research, trial and error we have designed these rooms using the most effective sound isolation construction principles and materials. From Multi piece bands to Solo recording artists we have a room that fits your music rehearsal room needs. Our dimmable lighting helps create the ambience for your rehearsal session. The power provided to each room was designed considering the needs of a 5pc band using guitar amps, bass cabs, personal monitors and a high output PA system. Every room has been treated with sound isolating materials from the floor to the ceiling in order to minimize sound transmission making these rooms the best music rehearsal rooms around.

Wait, there is more…

In addition to music rehearsal rooms, we offer instrument lessons, vocal lessons, music producing, mixing, mastering, recording, record release parties, a live stage, concerts, band promoting and a network of studio musicians.

We have a huge gated parking lot for your Bus and Trailer. Based on your needs we will custom tailor the amount of security needed to facilitate your stay to ensure full utilization of our music rehearsal rooms.

After rehearsing in our music rehearsal rooms, Invite your friends and family and those Record Label Executives to your show. Sonic Rehearsal Studios offers a live Stage setting in a warehouse style environment so you can perform your music in front of a selective audience. Whether you’re an international act who needs a place in Houston to rehearse before a show or this is your first time to play live, this stage was built for you!

When you contact us our experienced team will assist with your music rehearsal room quickly.

We service the Houston, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Gulf Coast regions, and all of North America including Canada and Mexico and are the premier venue for music rehearsal rooms.