Why Sonic?

Sonic Rehearsal Studios offers safe, secure, climate-controlled, soundproofed rehearsal spaces for Bands, Artists, DJs, Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Teachers, and Music Producers. Our in-house engineer/Music producer, Jason "Fuzzy" Jackson, designed these first-class spaces.

But Wait, There's More

We offer Tour Support, Backline, and Video Production Services for Bands seeking a private location for rehearsing and filming. Your security is our top priority. With gated access, keyless entry, and 24/7 surveillance, you will rest easy knowing your gear is safe and secured. We are away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, which makes load-in/out private and accessible. Navigating to local eateries, stores, and hotels is a cinch, as there are no traffic delays. Whether you're rehearsing before a tour begins or headlining downtown, we have the perfect space for you. We also provide a stage rental that can be used for testing your production. See more about that here.

Band Rehearsal Space"
Rehearsal Room, Tour Bus, and Staging Lights in a Space"
Rehearsal Space with band equipment and a pool table."

The Rehearsal Spaces

After research, trial, and error, we have designed these spaces using the most effective sound isolation construction principles and materials. From multi-piece bands to solo recording artists, we have soundproof practice rooms that fit your needs. Our dimmable lighting helps create the ambiance for your rehearsal session. The power provided to each room was designed considering the conditions of a 5pc band using guitar amps, bass cabs, personal monitors, and a high-output PA system. Every room has been treated with sound-isolating materials from the floor to the ceiling. All of our doors are secure using programmable keyless entry.

Need To Park Your Bus or Trailer?

We have a vast gated parking lot for your bus and trailer. Based on your needs, we will custom-tailor the amount of security needed to facilitate your stay. If you are curious about overnight or long-term bus parking, you can see what we offer here.

Want To Host Your Own Private Show?

Invite your friends and family to your private show. Sonic Rehearsal Studios offers a live Showcase room so you can perform your music in front of a selective audience. Call for more details.